Benares, Ganges dawn

Benares dawn

Benares ghats at sunrise

Boats on the Ganges

Overlooking the Ganges

River Ganges


Ganges at Benares

Wood for cremation

By the Ganges, Benares

Garland seller

By the river


Early morning

Sunset on the river

As dawn breaks over the Ganges flocks of birds fly in to forage in the city.  The streets of Benares, or Varanasi or Kashi, the old name of a city Hindus call the oldest city on earth, are narrow, crowded, and busy with the incessant ringing of the bells of cycle rickshaws.

By contrast, the river is a huge calm space, leading into the apparent endlessness of the North Indian plains, a space that seems to go on for ever.

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