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Guruji and Maurizia 1

Guruji and Maurizia 2

Guruji and Maurizia 3

Guruji and Maurizia 4

Guruji and Maurizia 5

Guruji and Maurizia 6

The seven Dagar musicians

Dhrupad recital



Kathak dancer Daksha Sheth

Daksha Sheth dances Chhau

Zia Mohiuddin Dagar

Musicians from Gujerat 1

Musicians from Gujerat

Dhrupad is an unbroken musical tradition going back to the Moghul period.  It is usually associated with the Dagar brothers, although there are many other great performers in  the Dagar family, and many other musicians in the tradition.   

 Guruji Chattopadyaya, an artist, musician and dance teacher was moving from his small roof-top flat in Nizamuddin in New Delhi, and held a last night of music and dance. On a hot August evening, Italian student Maurizia danced, the slap of feet on the floor and the intense rhythmic patterns of the pakhavaj, the drum, as night fell.

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